Peciko 7A Project

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PECIKO is a gas field located around 25 km offshore from the Mahakam river delta, on the East of Kalimantan (Indonesia). The field extends over 350 km2. The water depth is between 30 and 50 meters and the reservoir is a multi-layered structure, unfaulted, with pay zones ranging between 2100 meters and 3900 meters.

The field lies on the TOTAL Mahakam PSC, operated by TOTAL (50%) with Inpex (50%).

The field was discovered in 1983 with PECIKO 1 well and proved economic in 1991 with NWP-1. Since then and until 2002, 18 delineation wells have been drilled and a 3D seismic was performed (1992).

A phased development was decided and production started with Phase 1 of the development in December 1999. Since then, four (4) development phases took place, with phase IV completed.

Ongoing development project on Peciko field are:

  • Phase 5B: LT encompass, 1 Wellhead platform SWP-F + 10 development wells to be drilled between April 2008 to June 2009
  • Phase 6: Production mode switch from MP production to LP production. This expected to take place on last quarter of 2009

Peciko 7A is further development of Peciko field aiming the production at upper and shallow reservoir. This reservoir zone is not a current production target on Peciko field. However, there are no slots available from the existing platforms and only 2 slots should be remaining on SWP-F after Phase 5B development wells drilling. In other hand TOTAL E&P Indonesie shall fulfill gas contract commitment to PT. Badak LNG Bontang.

The gas is sent to SENIPAH through 4 trunk lines connected to 4 manifold platforms (MWPA, MWPB, MWPC & SWPE). Four satellite platforms (SWPF &, SWPK, SWPG & SWPJ) are connected to manifold platforms.

peciko field

Peciko Field, Total Indonesie E&P Senipah

The objective of PECIKO Phase 7A project is to bring additional production in 2010 by producing Upper reservoir. Some of the existing wellhead slot and wellhead flow lines on MWP-A, MWP-B and SWP-E platforms shall be modified from single well become commingle wells and additional splitter wellhead wills be drilled.

All the new PECIKO 7A splitter wells will be produced as commingles well and will use empty slot from existing single well.

Detail existing well slot modification and additional splitter well at each platform are as follow:

MWP-A Platform:

6 (six) existing single well will develop become 3 (three) commingle wells and New 3 (three) splitter wells will be drilled on MWP-A Peciko Platform.

MWP-B Platform:

6 (six) existing single well will develop become 3 (three) commingle wells and New 3 (three) splitter wells will be drilled on MWP-B Peciko Platform

SWP-E Platform:

4 (four) existing single well will develop become 2 (two) commingle wells and new 2 (two) splitter wells will be drilled on SWP-E Peciko Platform.

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