System Pneumatic

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Air Compressor

System pneumatic can be definite is a system skid were using gas or air to become activator /chain-drive and transmission.  It’s called chain-drive because gas characteristic can be compressible and convert become energy mechanic. For example: pump, piston or valve where be operated by pneumatic.

Compare with hydraulic system using liquid/oil as fluida, pneumatic system make it more benefit were is: clean and good maintenance. Actually gas pressure working to operational is 7–10 Barg. Application chain-drive system pneumatic widely used to find in manufacturing, petrochemical, and oil & gas industry.

Advantages of pneumatics

  • Simplicity of Design And Control
    • Machines are easily designed using standard cylinders & other components. Machines operate by simple ON – OFF type control.
  • Reliability
    • Pneumatic systems tend to have long operating lives and require very little maintenance.
    • Because gas is compressible, the equipment is less likely to be damaged by shock. The gas in pneumatics absorbs excessive force, whereas the fluid of hydraulics directly transfers force.
  • Storage
    • Compressed gas can be stored, allowing the use of machines when electrical power is lost.
  • Safety
    • Very low chance of fire (compared to hydraulic oil).
    • Machines can be designed to be overload safe.

Schematic Pneumatic & Hydraulic line Wellhead Control Panel

Offshore installation include wellhead control panel using pneumatic system to generate pump liquid, gas from well production take apart to activate pump liquid to be  transfer hydraulic oil inside network installation. Source gas from fuel gas scrubber approximate 8 – 16 Barg there is maybe to high if directly implemented to running pump so needed additional equipment instrument to reduce it, added gas regulator in before entry to inlet port gas drive system pump liquid, with justified normal working pressure approximate 3 – 6 Barg.

Pneumatic system at WHCP have been implemented at logic shutdown system wellhead, some equipment valve actuator using pneumatic as chain-drive to open and close distribution oil & gas production. Platform production have been used WHCP as logic system if detecting malfunction held process production, WHCP will be initiative to shutdown process pass through logic system inside.

Fusible Plug in Flowline Wellhead Installation

Other application system pneumatic can be funded at fusible plug system were apply to fire & gas system. Its function to detecting hot extreme or fire around platform area, if found it fusible plug element as for melting caused high temperature (approximate: 90 Celsius) then pneumatic release and falling logic shutdown system inside wellhead control panel. Usually nitrogen gas used as media pneumatic for fusible plug system in area process with considerate characteristic properties for good compatible user in hazardous area.

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