WHCP FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

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FAT WHCP Input Output signal with RTU Simulation

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a major project milestone where the equipment demonstrates that the system design and manufacturing. FAT must be conducted formally and be witnessed by the system owner and/or project manager, with a formal record of discrepancies and non conformists and how they are to be handled. The results obtained are compared with the expected results. If there is a correct match for every case, the test suite is said to pass. If not, the system may either be rejected or accepted on conditions previously agreed between the vendor and the manufacturer.

Pre-FAT Panel

The testing included in a FAT panel procedure should be largely derived from the performance criteria defined, which is created by the project team early in the project planning process. The vendor should prepare and submit a FAT procedure well in advance of the FAT, where procedure should be reviewed and approved by the system owner/project manager. It should attempt to include testing of as much functionality as is practical in the factory, and check of all interfaces among equipment and systems. Where possible the procedure should show pass/fail criteria or desired results for each item. The vendor should also provide a schedule for the FAT showing all timing and sequence of testing.

FAT WHCP Test Pressure with Test Bench Pressure

FAT Panel

The test will be carried out in compliance with the recommendations defined in the corresponding clauses of order and referred standards. Before any test on presented panels for acceptance, identification through contractual documents will be carried out and reported. The verification and tests specified hereafter are considered being compliance to be carried out on panels and / or their components. In general, the test will be carried out as follow:

  • Visual Inspection

This section appears considering visual dimension panel, arrangement instrument part including mounting outside inside panel, and cleanliness access panel

Visual Inspection WHCP: Front Panel, Inside Panel, & Arrangement Pump

  • Preparation

This section appears prior performing leak test panel and functional test panel

  1. Leak test panel. Installation inside panel will be inspection equipment tubing & fitting connection for ensure no founded leak link installation
  2. Function Test. This section appear performance equipment were has running, including pump performance, control valve regulator performance, control safety valve performance.

Almost scope must support with guide document operational FAT, important equipped document necessary are schematic drawing panel, equipment data sheet, equipment catalog, equipment certificates, & calibration report.

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